Understanding the Role of Antitrust Attorneys

As with many other sectors of law, antitrust attorneys play an important role in maintaining order. Understanding the role of antitrust attorneys can allow people to fully understand the impact they have.

Antitrust attorneys focus on protecting trade and commerce. Some of the major things that can impact trade and commerce are unfair restrictions, price fixing, and corporate monopolies.

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Most of their cases revolve around corporate acquisitions and free trade agreements.

Antitrust attorneys are typically higher by government institutions and law firms that represent large corporations. When companies attempt to make large acquisitions, the lawyers will review the terms of the deal, in addition to federal regulations, to ensure the process is meeting the standards set. If a potential acquisition would result in a monopoly or an unfair hold over the market, the deal will be stopped before it is allowed to be completed. The two major federal acts they must always be mindful of are the Clayton Act and the Sherman Antitrust Laws, however, they must be aware of any laws in the state they are working in as well.

For more information about antitrust attorneys and the role they play, please review the attached video.


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